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Regarding highlights, amidst blues, in the orbit of Kiss Me Deadly.
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Rather Have The Blues

Attracted to movement, or dynamics, you can cover some strange territory.
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Parallel Lives and the Art of Convergence

Tocqueville strove to find an outlet for "greatness"
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Blithe Power, Tortured History

This book begins with a close consideration of a fundamental issue of world history, namely, the mustering of sufficient grounds or reasons for effectively dealing with the world.
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The Problem of Fundamental Ontology

At the Introduction to our first title, there is an account of the work of Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, the point was (and has remained) that discernment has to bring to cogency the dynamic mainstay of nature or physis.
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Rather Have The Blues

Rather Have The Blues: The Novels of Paul Auster, The Films of Jacques Demy


Attracted to movement, or dynamics, you can cover some strange territory. There is a character in Paul Auster’s novel, City of Glass, who derives rich rewards from walking New York City’s streets. That was the beginning of Auster here. The characters of Jacques Demy’s films come across as dismayingly inert. That was the beginning of Demy here. How, then, did everything head toward the 1955 film noir, Kiss Me Deadly? 

Coming in 2010! A second edition of Rather Have the Blues !

 This edition's full coverage of the novels of Paul Auster and the films of Jacques Demy recognizes that their formative code based upon archival movies enables extended reflections upon the deathtrap of historical kinetics. The strange binary of those grossly underestimated efforts needs to be known. After an initial swirl of trying on trench coats, we come to the trenches themselves.

To introduce the upcoming book we have provided the following excerpts:
Balthazar Too: Paul Auster's Timbuktu

Invisible Armies: Paul Auster's Invisible

The Saga of Jacques Demy: Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions

"Go With Me Somewhere": David Lynch's Mulholland Drive