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Regarding highlights, amidst blues, in the orbit of Kiss Me Deadly.
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Rather Have The Blues

Attracted to movement, or dynamics, you can cover some strange territory.
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Parallel Lives and the Art of Convergence

Tocqueville strove to find an outlet for "greatness"
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Blithe Power, Tortured History

This book begins with a close consideration of a fundamental issue of world history, namely, the mustering of sufficient grounds or reasons for effectively dealing with the world.
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The Problem of Fundamental Ontology

At the Introduction to our first title, there is an account of the work of Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, the point was (and has remained) that discernment has to bring to cogency the dynamic mainstay of nature or physis.
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Parallel Lives and the Art of Convergence

Parallel Lives and the Art of Convergence


amidst a democratic wasteland dedicated to "material well-being." Parallel Lives has constructed a ramp to that territory of highly problematic intent. It has been assisted in its actions by an extensive labor pool never before brought together. Here are some of the key players: Tocqueville, Mill, Emerson, Nietzsche, Chekhov, Heidegger, Colette, Piet Mondrian, the Bauhaus, William Forsythe, Jacques Demy, Paul Auster, A.I. Bezzerides, Giorgio Armani, Philip Glass, Twyla Tharp, Link Wray, Plato, Heraclitus, Richard Feynman, Cirque du Soleil.


To introduce Parallel Lives we have provided excerpts from Chapters Four and Five for download:
How Noir is Dark: Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark
Oracular Delusion: Paul Auster's Oracle Night
"Chance is a fool's name for [loving] fate:" Paul Auster's The Music of Chance
The Girls Can't Help It: Jacques Demy's The Young Girls of Rochefort
Slightly Amazing: Jacques Demy's A Slightly Pregnant Man
Surrealist Insight: Jacques Demy`s Donkey Skin